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Conveniently located close to Waterthorpe and its local communities, our Foys office provides a wide range of legal services suited to the area’s families and individuals, as well as local businesses.

Foys Solicitors in Sheffield-Waterthorpe – family and business legal services

One might be surprised to learn that the beautiful serene landscape of Rother Valley Country Park, shown in the image above, is less than 2 miles from our office in Waterthorpe. It’s probably why, Waterthorpe and surrounding areas are a thriving community. Our Foys Solicitors office is conveniently located in Drake House Crescent, close to the Drake House retail park and Crystal Peaks shopping centre. This puts it within each reach of not only the community living in Waterthorope, but also those in Owlthorpe, Hackenthorpe, Sothall, Beighton, Westfield, Woodhouse and Swallownest.

With the large communities in the Waterthorpe area, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services to match the needs of the families and individuals living there.

Wills and Probate

A will is probably one of the most important but overlooked documents you’ll likely come across. If you pass on without a will and have immediate family, you’ll leave your family with a significant problem, especially if you own a home or have other monetary assets.

A will is important because it clearly outlines your wishes, how you want your personal estate divided up among family or even charitable causes. Furthermore, properly executed, a will is a legal document giving your family / executors the powers they need to pass on your assets as you wish.

For more information, visit our Wills, Trust and Probate Law page.

Family law

With the growing pressures of juggling work and home life to make ends meet, sometimes, a family dispute can boil over and need professional intervention, especially where divorce and children are concerned. The Foys Solicitors team in Waterthorpe, have years of professional experience helping families overcome and resolved personal disputes, helping the individuals concerned work towards an amicable solution. Our team in the Waterthorpe office consists of:

  • Advanced embers of the Law Society Family Panel
  • Resolution members and accredited specialists
  • Adult and children representatives on the Law Society of Children Panel

You can find out more about the family law services we offer here.

Residential Conveyancing

Positioned in a large residential area, Foys Waterthorpe naturally has a strong home buying and selling team. Did you know that on average, 40% or home moves are within 5 miles of their previous property? The national average is just 9 miles! So, you can count on Foys as we know the area’s property markets like the back of our hand. We have assisted many people with their conveyancing, some moving just a few miles, others around the nation.

Furthermore, if you are buying or selling a property subject to probate, we have expertise to help your though the administration of that process, we can be frustrating and confusing given the backlog of cases local courts often face. Check out our residential property services here.

Personal Injury

Accidents are just a part of life, but when they happen because of other people’s carelessness, then they can cause serious disruption to work and family life, especially if it impacts a person’s ability to earn a wage.

Our team has had experience of assisting clients make claims for a range of personal injuries, including, but not limited to:

  • Tripping accidents, when local authorities have left broken pavements un-attended
  • Work related injuries
  • Traffic related accidents involving both drivers and pedestrians
  • Serious injuries involving fatalities
  • Negligence that leads to personal injury

You can find out more about our personal injury services here.

Other specialist services for Foys Waterthorpe

With the diverse needs of the local residential and business communities, specialist legal services are often required and as such we can assist with:

A few interesting facts about Waterthorpe

  • Compared to Sheffield, Waterthorpe and the surrounding residential districts are relatively young. Most of the housing areas were built in the mid to late 1970’s to help support a growing population and urbanisation of Sheffield.
  • Waterthorpe itself, was named after local Walterthorpe Farm.
  • There was a time when Crystal Peaks shopping centre was one of the most popular shopping centres in the country.

Foys is dedicated to the local Waterthorpe and surrounding communities. If you have a legal issues in any of the areas listed above, simply give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team members.