parenting through separation

New free parenting guide offered to separating families in Doncaster

Foys Solicitors is offering the guide for free to local families who are divorcing or separating. The Parenting Through Separation Guide is written by family professionals and advises parents of how to put their children first during a separation.

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Marriage breakdown and the impact on children

How to deal with a divorce involving children during COVID-19

There has been a huge surge in divorces during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many couples have struggled with the strain of spending time indoors together and this has been especially hard when they are also living with children.

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mediation is the best path for divorce

5 reasons why mediation is the best way in marriage breakdowns

During the volatile and emotionally-charged time that is divorce, it's very easy to lose your cool at your ex-partner. However, an attempt at mediation should always be your first move.

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Regardless of Covid, don’t be tempted to stop spousal payments

As divorces surge around the country during a global pandemic that's powering financial worry in all of our minds, it's important that cooler heads prevail when it comes to spousal payments.

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domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and coronavirus – a perfect storm?

Domestic abuse is a serious problem, but with a new lockdown in place and the festive season fast approaching, we all need to be aware of the signs of domestic abuse and help those who may be suffering as a result of it.

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probate inheritance and wills

The responsibilities of an executor

An executor is a person who has been chosen to manage the Will of a deceased person. However, if the estate is rather large or complex, a solicitor can help an executor manage this responsibility.

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domestic abuse solicitors support

Domestic violence and coronavirus: How Foys Solicitors can help you

Foys Solicitors’ domestic abuse and injunction solicitors can help those in need.

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Family law concept image

Family law solicitors

At Foys, our family law solicitors understand the importance of legal family matters and are committed to ensuring the best solutions for you and your family.

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