how to spot a scam

Protect yourself from scams

How do you avoid getting scammed? Would you be able to spot a fraudster? Do you know the difference between a fraud and a scam?

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Cycling on the right side of the law

Interest in cycling has grown during recent months if sales of bicycles are anything to go by. But, do you understand your responsibilities?

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Gavel, old books and handcuffs on wooden desk

Crime and motoring offence solicitors

With the assistance of our criminal law experts and solicitors, you can come to us for reliable legal advice and support regarding crime and motoring offences.

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Drug driving concept - man has pills in his palm in his car

Drug-driving laws

On 2 March 2015, a new drug driving law came into force in England and Wales, making it illegal to drive when over a particular limit for controlled drugs, illegal drugs or even on certain medications.

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Injured in car accident by uninsured driver

What to do when you’ve been injured by an uninsured driver

For many people who have been in a collision, they simply swap license plate numbers and leave it to the insurance companies to deal with.

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motorcycle accident damaged bike on the floor

Stuck with a motoring offence? Foys Solicitors can help!

Facing a criminal investigation for a motoring offence is scary and it can feel like the world is crashing down around you.

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Law relating to “joint enterprise” murder convictions has been wrongly interpreted for 30 years

A recent Court decision from the UK`s highest Court, may lead to a number of people appealing their murder convictions.

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