Law relating to “joint enterprise” murder convictions has been wrongly interpreted for 30 years

A recent Court decision from the UK`s highest Court, may lead to a number of people appealing their murder convictions. The decision states that the law relating to murder under “joint enterprise” has been wrongly interpreted for 30 years.

Dale Harris, Criminal Partner at Foys Solicitors says:-

“This judgment is a very welcome development even though, for some, it has come 30 years too late.  The misinterpretation of the principle of joint enterprise has facilitated “easy” convictions for the most serious of offences on the weakest of evidence.  

In some of these cases, right thinking members of the public, knowing the facts, would not believe our justice system would have countenanced convicting people on the basis of the actions and intentions of others.  Anyone convicted solely on the basis of joint enterprise must surely be anxious as to the safety of their conviction.”

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 For more details on the decision please click here to view the article


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