What to do when legal matters involve children

Resolving complex legal matters can take a long time, and when it involves your family it can also take a toll on relationships. For children, this time will be confusing and upsetting, and therefore there are special considerations when it comes to legal procedures that involve children and young families. The safety and welfare of a child are always of greatest importance regardless of circumstance, which is why you need a solicitor who is qualified to handle cases of Children Law.

What are the different legal matters that concern children?

In some cases, legal matters involving children are about the child themselves, such as adoption, social services concerns, legal guardianship, and name changes. Whereas older children should be made a part of the conversation – especially if it will affect them – younger children will struggle to understand the proceedings. Despite this, they should be made aware of any changes to their daily lifestyle. If they will be moving to a new house or going to a new school, they should be informed and given assistance in order to cope with the changes.

In other cases, children may be indirectly involved in legal disputes, such as divorce. Separation and divorce proceedings can be lengthy and complicated, often leading to people getting caught up in particular legal and financial matters and forgetting the well-being of the children involved. Young children may not understand the circumstances, while older children might struggle with adjusting to a new school or making new friends. By getting professional advice early these issues can be dealt with effectively, and tools like mediation can help with resolving conflicts. A specialist family lawyer will be familiar with how divorce can affect a whole family, and subsequently arrange the appropriate help.

Children Law Accreditation and Resolution Accreditation

When looking for a solicitor to represent a child (or handle a case involving one), it’s important to choose an accredited professional experienced in such cases. The Law Society’s Children Law Accreditation covers all children law work and is only given to solicitors who have proven a high level of competency and experience in their field. Another organisation that offers accreditation is Resolution, a community of family law professionals that focuses on mediation.

When choosing an accredited professional to represent you, you can be certain that they will have up-to-date specialist knowledge and previous experience handling similar situations.

Foys – the Family Solicitors

If you are looking for a family lawyer or a lawyer to represent a child, Foys Solicitors has the expertise you need. On our team, you will find:

  • Advanced members of the Law Society Family Panel
  • Resolution members and accredited specialists
  • Adult and children representatives on the Law Society Children Panel
  • A collaborative family lawyer

Our Children and Family Law experts can advise you and your family on what your options are and work on finding the best solution. Most importantly, we always put the welfare of children first.

Foys Solicitors can offer a range of competitive fixed fees (starting from just £200, including VAT) to provide you and your family with peace of mind. We also offer legal aid wherever possible, which is subject to eligibility criteria set out by the Legal Aid Agency.

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