Here’s hoping that Harry and Meghan have got their Wills sorted. Have you?

The upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is guaranteed to cause excitement throughout the nation. Foys Solicitors hope that the happy couple understand the implication their marriage will have on their Wills…

Are you finding yourself in a similar royal mix up? If so, Foys can help!

I do?

Most people don’t realise that once they get married, their previously written Will becomes invalid. The only way this doesn’t become so is if your original Will includes an “In Contemplation of Marriage” clause. This clause means that you can make a Will before tying the knot and it remains valid after the fact. In order to use this clause, you should specifically name your future spouse and state that the Will should not be revoked following your marriage.

Marriage can give you some serious benefits in the Wills department, particularly when it comes to inheritance tax incentives. As a married couple, your surviving spouse can avoid paying inheritance tax up to £650,000, which is double the regular threshold of £325,000. A joint Will can also ensure that if you die before your partner, they will inherit everything by default – unless you specifically state that you’d rather leave your stuff to the dog, for example.

How can Foys Solicitors help?

At Foys, we have dedicated and knowledgeable solicitors who are eager to help produce a Will that works for you. We can advise you on how to formulate a Will, giving you peace of mind for the future whether or not you decide to get married.

If you’re planning on getting married soon, we warmly congratulate you! Remember to sit down with your (soon-to-be) husband/wife to write a new Will that works in both your interests, unless your old one originally included an “In Contemplation of Marriage” clause.

To find out more about how we can help you write up a Will after you get married, call your local Foys Solicitors office today.




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