Foys Solicitors visit the Béton House ‘Park Hill Shop’

At Foys Solicitors, we believe in keeping up with new developments in the Sheffield region.

That’s why on the 09 October 2019, Ben Couch of Foys Solicitors attended the opening of the Béton House ‘Park Hill Shop’, a pop-up showcasing an exciting new student development in the heart of Sheffield – Park Hill.

The shop, located on 26 Pinstone Street in the Sheffield City Centre, offers visitors the chance to see scheme layouts, get a taste of a model student room and learn about the history of the estate.

Park Hill, a once neglected and ageing post-war estate, is now well on its way to becoming one of Sheffield’s most coveted and special places. Park Hill is recognised internationally as a significant landmark in brutalist post-war design. The new development will celebrate the original design features, as well as adding new life and identity to the estate and accommodation for 356 students.

Ben had a great time exploring the potential of the new development.

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