Make a Will and help St Luke’s Hospice while you’re at it

Throughout April, Foys Solicitors is taking part in Will Month in support of St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of a will, particularly the impact that the lack of one will have on your immediate family. So, if you don’t want your family and friends squabbling over your estate after you die or losing out to the legal system, then it’s probably a good idea to draw up a Will. Without a Will, there may be arguments about who gets what, and your estate will just be divided according to the law once you’ve passed on. So, having a Will means that you can leave your stamp collection to your brother, your money to your dog and your car to your best friend . . .or you can make things simple and just leave everything to charity instead.

During Will Month we are offering our Will writing services for free and in return we encourage you to donate as much as you can to St Luke’s Hospice.

St Luke’s Hospice relies on donations from the public in order to continue giving outstanding palliative care to people dealing with terminal illnesses, including cancer and neurological, lung and heart conditions. Since only 24% of their funding comes from the NHS, this year, they need to raise more than £6.3 million, and this is where you can help.

The suggested minimum donations are:

  • Single Will – £100
  • Joint Will – £140

But we of course urge you to donate more if you can.

By participating in Will Month and giving generously, you can help to make a difference to those with terminal illnesses and their families. As a charity, the work St Luke’s Hospice does is dependent on the donations they receive, so your kindness can ensure that they can provide services to people who need it most.

Get involved for a great cause

If you’ve been thinking about making a Will for a while, then April is definitely the time to get one drawn up. Not only will you receive a Will that’s amazing value for money, but you will also be directly helping a great cause.

Our Wills specialists are experienced, efficient and easy to work with. We can help you to create a standard and comprehensive Will or a more bespoke document if you have specific needs and requirements.

So join us in April to give back to your local community, to support the excellent work St Luke’s Hospice do, and to get a Will for a great price.

For more information, or to book an appointment to participate in Will Month at St Luke’s Hospice, call our Waterthorpe office on 0114 251 1702, or our Chapeltown office on 0114 246 7609 today.

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