Senior Partner Andrew Firth celebrates 30 years with Foys Solicitors

Foys Solicitors are delighted to announce that this September, our Senior Partner Andrew Firth will have completed his 30th year with us.

Andrew joined Foys Solicitors in 1987, the same year that we opened our Rotherham office. Only a year later he was made Partner at ‘Foy & Co’ as we were known back then.

For those who struggle to remember those days, here are some significant events from ‘87:

  • Margaret Thatcher elected as Prime Minister for the 3rd time
  • The first episode of the Simpsons aired on TV
  • Rick Astley topped the charts with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’
  • Wall Street suffered the infamous Black Monday
  • Peter Beardsley’s transfer from Newcastle United to Liverpool set a national record at £1.9 million – quite different from the transfers we see today…

Of course, for us, one of the most significant events was Andrew joining us here at Foys. We’re grateful for his invaluable expertise and all the hard work he has done over the years for his clients and colleagues.

Thank you, Andrew!

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