Key and torn paper with text probate on wooden background

What does it mean to have a house in probate?

Start talking about Wills and you’re into the stuff of murder mysteries and legal thrillers. However, the truth is not nearly as glamorous, especially the paperwork and implications of probate.

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how to spot a scam

Protect yourself from scams

How do you avoid getting scammed? Would you be able to spot a fraudster? Do you know the difference between a fraud and a scam?

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Cycling on the right side of the law

Interest in cycling has grown during recent months if sales of bicycles are anything to go by. But, do you understand your responsibilities?

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probate inheritance and wills

The responsibilities of an executor

An executor is a person who has been chosen to manage the Will of a deceased person. However, if the estate is rather large or complex, a solicitor can help an executor manage this responsibility.

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motorcycle contributory negligence

What is contributory negligence and how could it affect you?

Are you fully aware as to how contributory negligence could play a part in any accident compensation claim you make?

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landlord questions

How to ask prospective tenants the right questions

Landlords quite naturally want to learn as much about a prospective new tenant as possible. However, you need to be careful as to what questions you ask.

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Commercial Tenant Disputes

How to resolve a commercial tenant dispute

Learning how to deal with tenancy disputes swiftly is vital for all commercial landlords, but call the Commercial Property team at Foys if you have questions.

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Caring for a sick patient

The top six things you need to know about deputyship

Deputyship is not a straightforward process and often requires the assistance of a legal expert.

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The danger of DIY Wills

Errors in Wills are common and can lead to disputes which result in considerable legal costs taken from the estate.

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