Personal injury solicitors

Suffering an injury is a distressing experience and can have a devastating impact on your life.

Our expert team of personal injury solicitors can assess your case and help you get the compensation you’re entitled to. We understand the worries you may have after suffering an injury, especially if it is preventing you from going back to work and thus affecting your financial situation. At Foys, we have years of experience in dealing with such cases so you can trust that we will work hard to make a successful claim.

We work on a no win, no fee basis, which means that if your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you won’t be liable to pay any costs.

The areas of personal injury covered include:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Slips and trips
  • Serious injuries and fatal accidents
  • Neglect and abuse claims
  • Criminal injuries claims
  • Injuries caused by faulty goods

For more information regarding how we can help you, check out our recently updated ‘Personal Injury’ page. Here we explain in depth the mentioned areas of law that we cover.

The process to make your personal injury claim can begin with a FREE consultation where we will discuss your case thoroughly in order to understand your situation.

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