Thinking about the future: Writing a Will

Nobody likes thinking about their death or what will happen to their possessions after they’ve passed away. But writing a Will and taking the time to think about the future can make a positive difference to the people you will leave behind.

Why should I write a Will?

Creating a Will can make life easier for your family as a Will outlines who gets what and reduces the risk of your family arguing over your estate. It’s important to realise that if you die before making a Will, you’ll have no say over where your assets go. Instead, the courts will decide who your possessions will be given to, meaning that some people may get left out or your assets may go to people you would have chosen to disinherit.

The solution? Write a Will that outlines where your estate should go. Doing this will ensure that your assets are going to the people you care about. You can leave your house to the children, your car to your best friend and even a cash lump sum to your dog!

Foys believes in family

Foys Solicitors offers a comprehensive service to those who are looking to think about their future and create a Will to benefit their loved ones. Our solicitors are dedicated to providing a cost-effective service that works for you, and we can give you advice and support throughout the entire process.

As well as working with you to produce a Will that ticks all the boxes you need, we can also conduct probate following the death of a loved one in your life. Probate is the legal term for verifying a Will and carrying it out. As understanding solicitors, we are sensitive to your recent loss and will help you access your assets with ease, while also ensuring that you are aware of your rights when it comes to inheritance tax.

Our Wills and probate service includes:

  • Preparing a Will
  • Obtaining a Grant of Probate
  • Distributing a deceased’s estate
  • Advising and preparing Trust Deeds

With these services, you can rest in peace knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of after you’re gone. You can also rest assured that we have the skills necessary to conduct probate effectively and efficiently following the death of a loved one.

To find out how our Wills and probate services can help you and your family, contact your local Foys Solicitors office today.

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