Motoring Offences – Range of Costs

At Foys, we can represent you with regard to motoring offences including driving over the prescribed limit in alcohol/drugs, drive disqualified, speeding, no insurance and other document offences.

In these types of cases, we will normally be able to provide an estimate or a quote once we have information as to the complexity of the particular case. Our aim is to provide information regarding prices and expectations at the outset so that you are in control of the level of costs you incur.

As a guide we would normally charge between £300 and £500 (excluding VAT) for any motoring case dealt with at a single hearing and which is not a Trial (a further hearing when the Court will determine whether you are guilty of the offence. For a Trial, we would usually charge £700 (excluding VAT) for such a hearing. If the Trial is a particularly complex one or is listed for more than one day (which is unusual) then our fees would be greater, but agreed where possible with our client in advance.

The prices stated include:-

  • Consideration of evidence and taking of instructions up to 2 hours.
  • Providing advice in relation to plea and likely sentence.
  • Advice on the options the Court has available and opinion as to sentence to be imposed.
  • Advice and assistance on exceptional hardship and/or special reason arguments.
  • Representation at a single hearing (although usually the price will be one to conclude your case.

The price will include the taking of perhaps two statements from witnesses (as most such cases involve no more than this) but will likely be greater if there is a greater number of witnesses to be seen.

The price will include some general advice upon Appeal but not work done in connection with the appeal itself.

The price does not include:-

  • Instruction of any expert witness.
  • The taking of statements from more than two witnesses.
  • Any disbursements or expenses reasonably incurred by ourselves.

You can expect that we will meet with you to obtain your instructions, consider the evidence, advise you appropriately. We will arrange to take witness statements (refer above regarding price). We will explain the Court procedures so you know what to expect, and also the sentencing options available to the Court. We will advise regarding further preparatory work and obtain further instructions from you if necessary.

In a case with a large amount of paperwork or witnesses we reserve the right to depart form the price stated above for obvious business reasons. Equally in some cases involving small amounts of work we might also be prepared to depart from the pricing structure set out above and agree a lesser fee with you upon your request.

We cannot provide a timescale for when your hearing might take place as this depends upon the court listing on the day. We will attend Court on your hearing date and meet with you before your hearing. We will discuss any outcome with you and advise generally regarding any appeal.

In the case of hearings being adjourned due to the Court having “lack of Court time” or other listing issues we reserve the right to make additional charges which we will seek to fairly agree with you at the time.

Our main priority is to provide you with a service which you might recommend to your friends. This “pricing guide” is intended to give you the best indication at the outset of what fees and services you might reasonably expect.

Cases such as this would be dealt with at Foys by one of the solicitors:-

Nigel Misson LL.B (Hons) – Partner

Nigel qualified in 1993 and has specialised in criminal litigation since joining Foys in 1997. He became a Partner of the Firm in 2004. Nigel is a Duty Solicitor for the Police Station and the Courts and is a member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association. Nigel is based at the Doncaster office. Nigel is responsible for supervising the caseworkers below.

Pamela Coxon – Solicitor

Pamela qualified in 2006 having worked, almost exclusively in criminal law since 1994 in various roles. She is not only a Duty Solicitor for both the Police Station and the Magistrates’ Court but is also a Solicitor Advocate regularly appearing in the Crown Court. She is a member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association and a Consultant Chief Assessor to the Law Society.

Pari Seeley– Solicitor

Pari qualified on 1st July 2013 and specialises in criminal litigation. She is a Duty Solicitor for the Police Station and the Courts and is a member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association. Pari is based at the Worksop office.

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