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Family law is varied and diverse, covering everything from cohabitation agreements and children’s legal matters to divorce and civil partnership dissolutions.

Our experienced team of specialist family lawyers can provide advice and assistance on a broad spectrum of family matters.

South Yorkshire’s Trusted Family Law Solicitors

At Foys, we are passionate about seeking the best solutions for your family matters, helping you through difficult times and securing a better future for you and your family.

Family law in the UK is diverse and varied, encompassing issues from cohabitation agreements and children’s legal matters to divorce and civil partnership dissolutions. Implemented to protect your rights in regards to any family difficulties, this law can be somewhat complex to understand.

Our experienced team of specialist family solicitors recognise that family issues, especially those concerning children, can cause confusion, instability, upset and stress. We approach each client’s circumstances on an individual basis, offering you the personalised legal advice needed to secure your future. Our tailored service aims to address all of your concerns, giving you the specific help that can benefit your case.

We are approachable, sympathetic and will work with you to provide the most appropriate advice and assistance to get the best possible outcome.

Within our team, we have:

  • Resolution members and accredited specialists
  • Adult and children representatives on the Law Society Children Panel

The varied expertise means that Foys Solicitors can provide you with the support and advice that you need on a range of matters.

The areas of family law that we cover:


Child's parents seeking family law adviceDivorce involves the dissolution of a marriage and entails the cancelling of the legal duties or responsibilities of a marital union. When you are dealing with a personal and legal difficulty, such as divorce, working with a knowledgeable family solicitor can help make the process less stressful. Your expert family divorce law solicitor will be able to offer you more clarity about the situation and what your next course of action should be. At Foys, we can help you navigate the law, guide and support you through the divorce process, and advise you on how you should proceed with your case.

Find out more about how we can help your through a divorce here.

Civil partnerships

A civil partnership is a legal relationship, which can be registered by two people of the same sex. By registering a civil partnership, you are giving your relationship legal recognition, legal rights and responsibilities. Similar to divorce; a civil partnership can be dissolved if either partner is no longer satisfied with the relationship. Our team of family solicitors will help you through the dissolution process and give you personalised legal advice and support pertaining to your particular situation.

Separation agreements

If it is proving difficult to stay together in your relationship, but you have not decided whether or not to end the marriage completely, a separation agreement could be a good temporary solution. A separation agreement outlines who is responsible for specific financial arrangements while you remain separated. These arrangements could include childcare, rent/mortgage payments, debt/loan payments, how to deal with joint savings, and what to do with shared items such as furniture or cars. At Foys, our family law solicitors can work with you to construct a separation agreement that satisfies both parties. You can trust that we will assess your case individually and give you the best professional advice possible to help you through this tough time.

Premarital agreements

For a couple in the process of getting married, getting a divorce does not bear thinking about. However, many couples choose to draw up a premarital or prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. This agreement outlines how assets should be divided in the event of a divorce. Having a premarital agreement can make divorce proceedings easier, which is a big reason why some people may choose to put one in place. At Foys, we are experienced and well-versed in drawing up premarital agreements that are tailored to your situation. We can advise you on what to include within the agreement and support you through any decision you need to make as part of the agreement.

Cohabitation agreements

Today, many couples choose to live together and remain unmarried. In cases such as these, couples may wish to create a cohabitation agreement, also known as a Living Together agreement, especially if shared assets and/or children are involved. While cohabitation agreements are not legally binding, if the document has been formally drafted, it can be held up in court. Foys can help you create a contract that clarifies what happens to the assets, property and children if the relationship comes to an end or if a partner dies, providing security for both partners in the future.

Financial matters

Following the end of a marriage or civil partnership, there may be some issues regarding finances, particularly when deciding who is entitled to specific assets. Foys family solicitors recognise that no two divorce or dissolution cases are the same, which is why we endeavour to understand all of your needs and to become familiar with the ins and outs of your case. We have the expertise to help find a solution that works best for you and will put your mind at ease by providing the necessary assistance to make this a smooth and pain-free process.

Domestic abuse and injunctions

Domestic violence is violence or abuse by one person in a domestic setting. Domestic abuse can include psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse. It can be an incident or pattern of incidents of behaviour that is coercive, threatening or controlling. If you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, Foys Solicitors can help. We can advise you on the options available and can even rapidly issue an injunction to ensure that you receive protection from the court. Whatever your situation, whether you are financially dependent on the abuser or if you have children who rely on you, we can assess your unique case and give you the support and the best guidance possible to protect you during this difficult time.

Children’s legal matters

Whether you are going through a divorce case where children are involved, are dealing with certain legal arrangements for a child, are thinking about adopting, or need some advice where social services are involved, Foys Solicitors can give you the advice you need and can support you completely. Our main priority is to ensure the safety and welfare of the child and to work through the case in a way that offers the best solution for all parties involved.

Change of name

Legally changing your name, or that of your child does not have to be complicated. However, if the process is not undertaken correctly, it can prove rather frustrating. We can help you with understanding the law and the steps to take, as well as navigate you through the paperwork. For same-sex couples entering into a civil partnership or getting married, there is no legal name changing convention; the decision is up to you.

How family law can protect you

Family law is a legal practice area that includes matters involving where a child should live (“child custody”), divorce or annulment, spousal support, contact with a child (“visitation rights”) and child support payments. This law ensures that the rights of you and your family are protected in the case of any legal family matters being brought to question.

Our family solicitors are up-to-date with family law in the UK and can represent you in family court proceedings, defend you in negotiations and draft essential legal documents, such as property agreements. By employing an experienced solicitor, you can rest easy knowing that your rights stated in family law are appropriately protected and that you are adequately represented during any legal process.

Let us help you with a free consultation

As experts in all areas of family law, we understand that the prospect of incurring legal fees can be daunting, particularly at such a difficult time. This is why we offer a range of competitive fixed fees (starting from just £200, including VAT) to provide you with some peace of mind.

To understand the details surrounding your family matter, and to let us advise you on the most suitable route to take, we are happy to arrange a FREE consultation.

Wherever possible, we will offer you legal aid, which is subject to eligibility criteria set out by the Legal Aid Agency. During your consultation, we can also determine whether legal aid is available to you.

Our family law solicitors have your best interests at heart

At Foys Solicitors, we want the best outcome for you and your family. As family matters are often difficult and delicate issues, you can trust our specialised expert family solicitors to sensitively support you throughout the legal process, ensuring that you understand all aspects of the case, explaining your options and offering you the most effective solutions.

To receive the right legal advice and support on all matters relating to family law, get in touch with Foys’ family law solicitors today on 01302 327136 and book your FREE initial consultation.


Please note that although we use the word solicitor, your case could be carried out by a legal advisor, legal executive or paralegal depending on the nature of the case.

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