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Compassionate Family Mediation Solicitors

Mediation is a useful tool that can help you and your family to reach a mutual decision regarding a range of issues, such as divorce, childcare and finances, without the need for going to court.

Following a separation from your partner, you may prefer to resolve outstanding issues by way of direct discussion rather than having a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf. Sometimes you may find that you are unable to move ahead on certain topics or that your emotional responses are getting in the way of the discussion. In such cases, it may be appropriate to involve a mediator.

How can mediation help?

A mediator can encourage you and your partner to effectively communicate, giving all participants the chance to keep control of their own affairs and to make decisions that suit their specific needs. The process is confidential and voluntary and the mediator is, in every case, impartial.

Mediation can give you more say about what you want to happen and allows you to take the time and space to make your own decisions, free from pressure. You can also change any agreements you make if circumstances change down the line.

Mediation usually culminates in a Memorandum of Understanding, which records the reached agreement and outlines the line of action decided on by both parties. Where appropriate, the Memorandum of Understanding can be used as the basis for an order that has the court’s approval, causing it to be a binding contract that both parties must follow.

Why choose Foys Solicitors?

Our mediators have Family Mediation Council accreditation and are therefore able to undertake Mediation Intake and Assessment Meetings. They are also members of the Family Mediation Association. This means that they have the expertise and skill set necessary to give you impartial and confidential advice based on your issues, and to work with your family to find a solution.

Should you choose to use our mediation service, you will also be able to retain a solicitor with Foys at a later date. Your solicitor can advise you as to the appropriateness of any agreement reached at mediation.

Our family mediators are fully trained to help you make arrangements for:

Whatever issue your family is having, our confidential mediators can be there to help you work out a solution without having to go to court.

Choose mediation instead of court action

Successful mediation is generally a cheaper solution than taking court action. While we are currently unable to offer legal aid for mediation, we offer a competitive hourly rate and fixed fees for each mediation session, which will hopefully prove to be a cost-effective way of resolving your dispute.

Contact us for a free initial consultation where we can assess your case and help you to decide the best way of handling it. Where possible, we can also give you a quote for our mediation services so that you’ll have a rough idea of the overall costs of your case.

To find out how our mediators can help your family, call your local Foys Solicitors office today.