With Harry and Meghan getting hitched last Saturday, the country is still gripped by wedding fever. They’ve got a cottage at Kensington Palace sorted, but many married couples are still waiting to move into a house that’s entirely theirs. Whether you’ve just tied the knot or have been married for a while, buying a house with your partner is an exciting step forward in your relationship. We’re under no illusion that although a fun and thrilling experience, purchasing a new house can be incredibly stressful too. This is why we offer an excellent conveyancy service, to help take the pressure off making that life-changing decision.

How can Foys’ conveyancy solicitors help?

Our conveyancy service is tailored to what you need, whether you’re looking to sell a property you already own or wanting to prepare a lease agreement. When it comes to dealing with property in any capacity, you’ll find that documents are often peppered with legal jargon that can be difficult to crack. We can provide you with expert guidance and advice, allowing you to make an informed decision and helping you to understand the process in its entirety.

It’s especially important to seek legal advice if you’re planning on purchasing a property with your spouse but are wanting to hold it in unequal shares, for example, if one of you is paying a larger deposit than the other. Such contracts, known as Trust Deeds, can be complicated to get your head around, so working with someone who knows what they’re doing is key.

A property service to suit every budget

We know that having to call on a solicitor can make people nervous, mostly because they’re concerned about costs. With Foys, you don’t have to worry about facing any hidden charges. We’re upfront and honest, providing competitive fixed fees that don’t send you running for the hills.

We also offer a free initial consultation that will help us to get a better picture of your situation and the specific assistance you require. Following this, we can give you a structured breakdown of the costs of our services. We recognise that no two marriages are the same, and neither are two housing situations. Because of this, we provide bespoke legal advice with you and your partner in mind.

To find out how we can work with you and your spouse before you take the leap to purchase a property together, call your local Foys Solicitors office today.

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