Talk to Foys Business Law team and let us help straighten out your commercial problems

Businesses exist to provide much needed services but also to create opportunities and profit for their owners and stakeholders. As most business owners know, there are many ways in which this relationship can become litigious. Foys are experts in helping local businesses work through their legal problems.

Running a business has complex dimensions

The complexities and tensions that arise in business are many and frequent. These may stem from disputes such as contractual issues between companies and their suppliers, or concerning commercial property for example. Even small businesses, although simple in structure and operation, can appear complex to their owners, simply because the owner may not be a particularly experienced company director, this can lead to problems requiring legal advice.

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Employement law for employers


Employment law for employers is a diverse area of law, covering everything from discrimination to..

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Commercial Property solicitors

Commercial Property

At Foys Solicitors, we cover numerous areas of commercial property law including asset management..

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Company Commercial Law solicitors

Company & Commercial

Understanding company and commercial law is vital to business success and covers everything from..

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Company disputes resolutions solicitors

Company Disputes

Company disputes can come in various forms including partnership/company/director disputes..

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Commercial property solicitors

Commercial property disputes are commonplace, especially given the economic turmoil we have experienced of late, and relationships between landlord and tenant becoming strained. Add these to the issues that arise naturally creating unfavourable trading conditions, there are many occasions where a business needs professional guidance and advice. We also assist with many other aspects of commercial property, such as the acquisition and disposal of property, asset management, property refinancing, all aspects of leases and property development.

Company formation and company law

New company formation, while very simple to enact, shouldn’t be trivialised in the rush to get a new business to market. Consideration needs to be made as to the type of company best formed given its scope and funding, along with corporate governance considerations, stakeholder contracts, directors agreements and contracts with third parties essential for the early growth of a new business entity. Our corporate law team are experts in the field of company and commercial law.

Company director disputes

As businesses mature we often see disputes arise between partners in firms when business strategy changes. This may be for many reasons, not least when share allocations are concerned or when a partner decides they want to exit the business and take what they believe is rightfully theirs. Disputes such as these can make or break a company, because of the impact it has on morale and business operations. Foy’s company disputes team can help bring interested parties to a satisfactory agreement.

Employment solicitors for employers

The key resource and life blood of any company are its employees. An efficient and motivated workforce is not easy to maintain and inevitably disputes arise that need legal assistance and advice – from employment contracts, handbooks and policies, to support and advice with redundancies and employment tribunals. Our employment law experts have been successfully assisting businesses around the region for many years.

Why Foy’s Solicitors are the natural choice for company legal advice and assistance

No matter what industry your business relates to, at some point it will undoubtedly need some expert legal guidance or assistance. Foy’s have strategically placed offices around the counties of South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, serving the towns and cities of Doncaster, Rotherham, Worksop, Retford, Clowne and Sheffield.

We’ve been part of these business communities for around 50 years. We know and understand our business community intimately. Call us today and discover how we can assist your business solve its company and commercial issues.