Marriage breakdown and the impact on children

How to deal with a divorce involving children during COVID-19

There has been a huge surge in divorces during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many couples have struggled with the strain of spending time indoors together and this has been especially hard when they are also living with children.

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whip lash injury law changes

What new whiplash regulations could mean for your claim

Recent changes in regulation have altered the way that whiplash claims are made in the UK. In this article, we break down these changes and how it may affect your own personal claim going forward.

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mediation is the best path for divorce

5 reasons why mediation is the best way in marriage breakdowns

During the volatile and emotionally-charged time that is divorce, it's very easy to lose your cool at your ex-partner. However, an attempt at mediation should always be your first move.

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What happens to my digital assets when I die?

It’s normal for somebody to consider the more traditional aspects of assets when creating a will, but what about the latest generation of assets - your digital assets, such as purchased music, or money making social media accounts or a website?

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Preparing commercial landlords for the end of furlough

It's a worrying time right now for commercial landlords as an uncertain future plagues every business during the slow climb back towards a new, post-lockdown normality. But with the proper preparations, you'll have the best chance of pulling through.

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Will & estates during lockdown

Will writing during lockdown – what you should know

There has been a huge demand for will writing during the COVID-19 lockdown and this has posed a problem for those looking to execute a will. Here's what you should know about wills during the pandemic.

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dash cam footage used as evidence

What you need to know about capturing footage for personal injury claims

The success of personal injury claims can be dramatically increased through footage captured by personal devices such as dash cams or smartphones. But there are things you need to know before you can use such footage in court.

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Regardless of Covid, don’t be tempted to stop spousal payments

As divorces surge around the country during a global pandemic that's powering financial worry in all of our minds, it's important that cooler heads prevail when it comes to spousal payments.

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domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and coronavirus – a perfect storm?

Domestic abuse is a serious problem, but with a new lockdown in place and the festive season fast approaching, we all need to be aware of the signs of domestic abuse and help those who may be suffering as a result of it.

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