Foys Solicitors personal law services guiding your through a lifetime of experiences

Life just isn’t that simple anymore. We wish it were, but each day we all face a variety of challenges, some expected as part of our routine, others not. If you quickly scan the personal legal services areas below, you’ll gain a clear view as to when, where and how our lives can become complicated; often very quickly indeed.

One could look our service portfolio as a view of life’s journey

When a new life enters the world and develops, sometimes this can be within an environment embroiled in conflict, such as a divorce or custody battle. Parents may be treated unfavourably by employers leading to possible maternity and paternity issues.

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Employment law for employees


Employment law is an ever-changing and diverse area of law, covering everything from discrimination..

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Family law is varied and diverse, covering everything from cohabitation agreements and children’s legal..

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Personal injury claim solicitors

Personal Injury

Suffering an injury can be incredibly distressing, especially if it is life-changing or leaves you with financial..

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Property solicitors in London


Moving to a new home should be an exciting prospect but dealing with the legal aspects can make it stressful..

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Wills, trusts and probate

Wills, Trusts and Probate

Will, trusts and probate is an important area of private legal matters and can be complicated if dealing with it alone..

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Crime Motoring offences

Crime & Motoring Offences

While being prosecuted for a crime or motoring offence seems unlikely for most, it’s still a possibility..

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Protection of elderly

Protection of the Elderly

As we age, we begin to think about our financial security in retirement, our loved one’s health and our mortality..

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We believe that going to court isn’t the only solution to a dispute. Mediation can help you and your family reach..

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Civil disputes resolutions solicitors

Civil Disputes

Civil litigation is diverse, covering everything from property disputes and professional negligence to..

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Medical negligence

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence encompasses areas like medical misdiagnoses, residential care claims and even fatal accidents..

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Continuing . . . .

As adulthood is reached, many take to the roads with their newly acquired driving licences. Often, they are involved in accidents, some serious or catastrophic. Some break the laws of the road and end-up facing legal action because of their actions. Other young adults fall foul of the law because of criminal activities, sometimes simply because of peer pressure.

At some point, it’s natural to consider leaving the family home and to look at buying or renting a first home and need expert assistance with that.

Other young people may not be so fortunate, finding themselves without a home or family, or have simply left because of family tensions or disputes between parents.

As people enter employment, the work environment, complications grow. They can face discrimination, be subject to poor working environments, become exploited or be dismissed unfairly.

As people age, commitments grow both in responsibility and financially. These increase the pressure, leading some into difficulties that can tear their families apart, requiring expert advice and mediation services.

Our daily lives require us to interact with society in numerous ways – such as through the procurement of services, simply buying the products we need or just through the daily dealings with people we come into contact with. These can lead to injury or disputes, and sometimes accusations of negligence requiring civil litigation in the more serious cases.

Once we have achieved some form of stability in our lives, our thoughts turn to future security for ourselves and our family. The matter of wills and trusts will surface and require assistance with. And, as we age, it’s natural to consider how we may be protected if we become unable to fend for ourselves or suffer the inability to make rational decisions where our finances are concerned.

Who ever said that life is a journey?

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said “Life is a journey, not a destination”. Life certainly is a journey and sometimes we seem to end up at a destination we never intended to arrive at, with consequences we did not foresee, no matter how temporary. The team at Foys Solicitors pretty much gets to see all of what life throws at us in today’s fast pace and rather unforgiving world.

Our personal law team has a wealth of experience assisting people work through the legal challenges they face. We’ve been a part of the local communities in and around Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield since the 1970, so we understand the pressures these communities face on a daily basis.