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Foys Solicitors Doncaster Head Office

Conisbrough Viaduct near Foys Solicitors in Doncaster
Conisbrough Viaduct, just outside Doncaster

Foys Solicitors in Doncaster - One of the oldest and most respected law firms in South Yorkshire

Foys Solicitors have served the Doncaster community since 1972, providing a wide range of necessary legal services.

Our business is is split neatly into two areas: Personal Law and Business law.

Fun fact: Did you know that . . .  The man who designed Doncaster Minster’s Clock, Edmund Beckett Dennison, also designed the clock in Big Ben in London. But, did you know that Dennison was only an amateur clockmaker, by trade, he was a barrister!

Our personal law services

Our personal law services have provided the families of Doncaster and the surrounding areas of south Yorkshire with a professional, friendly and supportive service covering a range of family rated legal matters. These have included:

  • Home purchases. Assisting families with home and house purchases; providing advice and assistance with conveyancing services. We’ve been part of the Doncaster real estate industry for over 40 years and have a wealth of conveyancing experience.  As such, we have assisted many people secure their new home and in dealing with problems they encounter along the way.
  • Domestic situations that require legal advice and help, such as civil disputes, domestic abuse, matrimonial issues and child custody cases.
  • Wills and probate services along with protection of the elderly.

In short, over the 40 years or so we’ve worked within the local Doncaster community, there are not many personal law issues we haven’t helped families with.

Our business law services

Our business law team have assisted many companies around Doncaster and South Yorkshire. Running a company isn’t a simple process and more often than not you’ll find yourself in circumstances that require a legal professional’s help. Foys of Doncaster have specialist legal skills covering a wide gamut of business areas and also issues within firms that may require legal help. These have included:

  • Legal matters associated commercial property purchases and rental in Doncaster and the surrounding areas, can prove an unwanted distraction for business owners who really just want to get on and use the facilities. Foys have assisted many companies and small business owners over the years secure both leased and purchased commercial property. But that’s not all, we can also help with refinancing, and with landlord and tenant disputes.
  • Business Growth. Often, opportunities arise for companies in South Yorkshire to grow through acquisition. Our team in Doncaster are skilled in assisting companies through the business acquisition process, or, if you are looking at your own exit from your business, a business sale.
  • Employment law is an area that can cause considerable problems for companies. Ever changing, employers must be well versed in both the rights of the employee as well as the rights of the company. Often simple mistakes can lead to problematic circumstances, especially with disgruntled employees. Foys are specialists in assisting local Doncaster and South Yorkshire businesses get their employment legal matters straight, from individual employee contracts to company handbooks, advice in redundancy and terminations to discrimination issues.

These are just a few of the basic areas Foys Solicitors in Doncaster can be of service to the local residential and business community around the South Yorkshire region.

Doncaster Minster near Foys Solicitors
Doncaster Minster and the river Don

A few interesting facts about Doncaster.

  • While the United States were celebrating the beginning of their nationhood in 1776, Doncaster were busy running the world famous St Leger Stakes, the oldest Classic horse race in the world, for the first time. It is still one of the biggest race meets in the UK.
  • Steam train enthusiasts will appreciate that the famous locomotives the Flying Scotsman (1923) and the Mallard (1938) were designed and built in Doncaster.
  • Doncaster Racecourse played host to Britain’s first ever Aviation Meeting in 1909.
  • Of critical importance to us all, the man credited with popularising the modern flushing toilet, Thomas Crapper, was born in Thorne.
  • Former Top Gear present Jeremy Clarkson is from Doncaster.

Foys have been part of the local community for a very long time, so if you have either a family related or business related legal matter to attend to, make Foys Solicitors in Doncaster, your first stop.